First home buyers seeking to capitalise on the latest round of changes to the Queensland Transfer Duty legislation should register with First Natioanl to realise their dream of home ownership.

The new legislation came into effect on 1st of September 2008 and states no transfer duty is payable by first home buyers purchasing a home valued at $500,000 or less, meaing first home buyers have a real opportunity of entering the property market.

According to Wayne Nicholson, Principal from Nicholson First National Real Estate, the additional savings of up to $9,500 compared to the current schedule, should reinvigorate the first home buyer market in Queensland.

"The first home buyer market has been stagnant for some time, with upfront costs often making purchasing a home prohibitive," Wayne Nicholson said.

"But with the additional savings, housing is now more affordable than ever for Queensland first home buyers.

"The dilemma is finding the homes that are available at the right location and at the right price, and that is where Nicholson First National can really help.

"We have the technology to locate homes across the state within this price bracket, so first home buyers can be confident if there's a home in their preferred location in that price range, we will find it for them."

First National also has the expertise to make first home buyers aware of all the concessions available to them to ensure they maximise their chances of getting into their own home.

"There are a lot of upfront costs and legislation associated with the purchase of a property and this can cause a lot of confusion and anxiety for the frist home buyers."

Wayne Nicholson said.

"Our agents are well versed in all of this and are there to make the purchase of that all important first property as enjoyable and stress free as possible."

For assistance, or to register your details, Contact Wayne Nicholson, Principal from Nicholson First National Real Estate or visit our website on